Meteor shower to peak Friday: How to catch a glimpse

 A meteor shower which is regarded as to be one of the most stunning lights in the calendar is set to reach its peak this week.

As per NASA NASA says that the Orionid meteor shower occurs every year in October, and is best viewing on Friday.

The Orionids are famous for their bright light and speed. NASA states that the meteors travel at around 148,000 mph, and create glowing debris behind them lasting from second to minutes.

According to NASA, the meteor shower will reach its peak at around 15 meteors per hour, with a speed at 41 miles an hour.

NASA states that the Orionids can be seen both in of Northern as well as Southern hemispheres following midnight. It suggests that viewers locate an area that is not surrounded by city lights. The public is advised to lay flat on the ground, with their feet facing towards the southeast located in the Northern Hemisphere or northeast if located in the Southern Hemisphere.

The agency stated that the public should watch for long-lasting light explosions while viewing the Orionid meteor shower.

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